Macular Disorders with a Twist

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Chairperson: Fathy Fawzy

Moderator: Sherif Embabi

Guest of honor: Amani Fawzi

Panelists: Mohamed Moghazy, Maged Mikhael, Terese Kamal, Dina Baddar, Rania Estawro


AMD- second opinion
Amani Fawzi

Orphan fluid!
Noha Fawky

Beyond a pronged membrane
Terese Kamal

Macula Speed bump
Shaimaa Ibrahim

Macular sprouts
Rania Estawro

The light from within
Nada Fathy

What lies Beneath
Reem Mohsen

Friendly fire!
Nagwa Soliman

Rami Hassouna

Masquerading PRP
Esraa Diab

Heat Cream!
Dina Baddar

One shot causes a lot
Sherry Moheb

The other uninvited guests of COVID
Alaa Fayed

The Devil is in the details
Caroline Tawfik

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  • Duration 50 hours
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